VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY WITH GREAT EXPERIENCE! Please note this is a complete volunteer experience that requires a project fee (see below) and applicant must acquire transport to Belize.

During your internship you will have hands on raptor rehabilitation and avian medicine training in our onsite avian clinic. As an intern you will partake in rescues, rehabilitation and release, learn how to properly intake patients, do injury assessments, full blood work (PCV, TS, blood count), fecal, and learn how to take and read X-Rays.

A an intern you will be taught physical therapy and learn the basics of preconditioning an injured bird for release using creance training. You will work daily with our none releasable avian ambassadors and will develop skills in positive reinforcement training and learn how to create a training program for a new ambassador.

Interns will learn husbandry, how to create enrichment for ambassadors and much more. At BRC we do a lot of community conservation outreach and offer 5 onsite bird show programs each week. BRC is launching a Save the Orange Breasted Falcon (second rarest falcon in the world, and BRC is the home to a none releasable named Maya) campaign and will be touring the county doing outreach talks at communities surrounding the nesting locations of the falcon. This project is supported and funded by The Peregrine Fund and Wolf Creek Charitable Foundation. During your internship you will also have the opportunity to work with international and local wildlife veterinarians.



Interns must be 18 years or older. A degree in wildlife biology, animal medicine or a related field. No experience is necessary but you must have a positive attitude, strong work ethics, and the ability to get along with others in a close-knit living condition.

A passion for avian medicine and bird training is a plus! Internships are a min of 1 month and a max of 3 months. We take 2 people at a time, no more, as we want to provide as much hands on as possible for each person.

There is onsite housing with high-speed Wi-Fi, hot showers and a full kitchen. This is a complete volunteer position, meaning that the intern will need to pay for their plane ticket and a reduced project fee of $1300 per month (1 month minimum required).

This project fee covers accommodations, and all in-country transport, while in Belize (except for days off).

The experience is a resume builder for avian work, and is much less expensive than a typical study abroad experience. We want to be able to provide you the opportunity to further your careers during this hard financial time. This reduced rate is good for the entire years 2022.


Our website is being currently being rebuilt, please check us out on and on our Instagram to see current information. Please contact us with any questions you may have and lets get you training birds in a beautiful Caribbean country!

The country of Belize has COVID Protocols we must follow; the current SI will be sent to you and we will also go over it during interview process. Housing is remote and will limit exposure to and from locals.

Internships run monthly through 2022.