Raptor Trainer and Rehabilitation Internship

We are looking for interns for our raptor conservation program. Interns will get involved in raptor training, basic husbandry and bird care, and will have the opportunity to help with rehabilitation. The internship experience will vary according to the length of service and the needs of birds at the time of the internship. We tailor each internship to the individual.

Internships will be for a minimum of 2 weeks and max of 3 months. Longer internships may be approved.

Applicants must be 18 years or older.

We are looking for interns with an appropriate education background and a lot of enthusiasm; No experience needed, but an interest in raptor conservation, bird training and rehabilitation is strongly preferred.


$300 per week. Access to WiFi, a full kitchen and dining room is included at the on-site private housing, in our newly renovated luxury casita located just 100 feet away from the center.

Transport to and from the airport is $80 USD. We are unable to provide flights.

We only schedule 2 interns at one time, this ensures that each individual gets as much hands on learning and can excel at their own pace.

To apply, please send a CV and cover letter to

Belize Raptor Center Internship
NOTE: This program is subject to vary from intern to intern. Since interns and birds are all individuals, no two internships will be exactly the same.



Intern will observe all training sessions and assist with cleaning of bird enclosures. As patients come in, intern will have the opportunity to help with rehabilitation. Should the need arise, intern will be allowed opportunity to participate in some hands-on bird care procedures, such as restraint, beak/nail trims, or equipment change.
· Week 1:
o Introduction to Belize Raptor Center
o Basic husbandry and bird care
o Introduction to bird training
o Introduction to bird rehab
o Introduction to education programs
o Meet the birds

65944818_346829795993496_4509711022235320320_n· Week 2:
o Out on education programs
o Advanced bird husbandry
o Basics of operant conditioning
o Diet making
o Equipment making
o Enrichment- how and why
o Useful training notes

67153942_1650911085043776_4137732894095310848_o· Week 3:
o Assist with education programs
o Mechanics of bird training
o Applications of operant conditioning

67166064_1653104054824479_168001369519685632_n· Week 4:
o Present an education program
o Write a shaping plan
o Implement a novel enrichment idea
o Step up, weigh, crate, and tether a bird (with supervision)



​We require a deposit to hold space. This is refundable if internship is cancelled 2 months before scheduled. If it is cancelled any other time, we must be able to secure another intern before funds can be reimbursed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are dogs on the property.