Ky, Gray headed Kite


Ky was a young bird just learning to fly when he was hit by a car on Southern Highway. Keep in bird rehabilitation center until Belize Raptor Center was formed in 2013. He was then transferred to the education team and was a major inspiration to the organizations formation. He is the juvenile bird on our logo.


Akna, Black Hawk Eagle










Rescued by the team at Black Rock Lodge, she came into rehab with severe lacerations to her legs, a bad infection and 500 grams underweight. After 2 surgeries, her tendon could not be repaired and therefore she can no longer hunt. She has proven to be an extraordinary addition to our team


Luna, Spectacled Owl

Luna was found tangled in a barbed wire fence, degloving and lacerating her left wing. Her visual injuries have healed but the small tears in her tendons and muscles make it hard for her to hold her wing up, let alone fly. Luna is a education superstar and mesmerizes all who meet her with her big golden eyes.


Skylar, Plumbeous Kite










Poached from the nest at a few weeks of age and kept as a pet, Skylar came to us as a human imprint and could not be released back into the wild. He is our most interactive ambassador and joins us on every school outreach program.


Sterling, Gray Headed Kite












Brought into the center after colliding with a car outside of Guanacaste Park in Belmopan. Sterling has a prior injury that cause a loss of vision in his left eye. He had managed to compensate for months after the initial injury had healed only to be hit by yet another vehicle, this time doing more damage to his vision. Sterling has responded to training faster than any of our other birds and also works well with all our trainers. He is a very well rounded bird, and excellent during booths and big presentations.

Zion, Common Black Hawk













Having a very rough life to start, Zion has definitely done the biggest transition in the short time he has been with us.  Poached from his nest, kept for weeks and then put up for sale, Zion was surrendered to us with all the mental damage already done. He is an imprint that was never exposed to the outdoors and was both fearful of everything that moved and terrified of the dark.  After 2 months, Zion is now on a normal bed time and is desensitizing to his surroundings quickly. He does have quite the personality and will steal your shoes if left alone for long enough. We hope he will become a star ambassador for his species as they are not as common as the name makes them seem.