“Our mission is to inspire conservation of birds of prey and their habitat through education, using permitted non releasable raptors.”


Our primary focus is to showcase indigenous species as the most ecologically and economically important, and the most diverse class of wildlife in Belize. Belize Raptor Center fills the void of environmental education in schools by going out into the communities, raising awareness of the importance of bird species to the environment and economy of Belize, promoting empathy and understanding of birds in the wild, and impacting the minds of young Belizeans in an innovative and unforgettable way.




Central Farm School. Explaining the characteristics of a Raptor to the entire student body, teachers and principal.


Belize is a small country, with 35% of its 330,000 population under the age of 14. Children have little exposure to alternative methods of teaching: schools employ a whole‐class approach with no electronic or media

teaching aids. There is no natural history museum in the country, and environmental awareness is largely passed down through families as folklore.


Due to these limited opportunities our educational outreach will remain firmly in the minds of young Belizeans.


Hidden Valley Inn summer camp