BRC provides 3 types of Educational Outreach


1st: We visit your school. Free of charge and covered under a Wolf Creek Charitable Foundation grant.

Our outreach is very interactive. We discuss what makes a raptor, why they are important and what problems they face here in Belize. We will bring props and taxidermy for the students to hold and touch.

We then do a Meet and Greet with our avian ambassadors.

Wrapping up the talk with questions and answers and each kid gets to take home a poster and a wristband.


2nd: Onsite at the Raptor Center. We are limited to 1 class at a time under the SI.. School must book date ahead of time.

We do not charge any fees for the visit. It is 1 to 1.5 hours long. Students will meet more birds onsite then at the schools. They will receive a poster and a wristband after the presentation.

3rd: We are providing 45 minute Zoom presentations for any school level. This is still interactive and includes, props, taxidermy, and meet and greet with the ambassadors. During these talks students can expect to meet 3 to 4 birds.

We do provide Zoom tours for international schools through Inspire EdVentures. Please contact them directly for a personalized virtual tour to your school. Michael@inspire-edventures.com




We play owl games ad focus on the importance hearing plays in an owls life.


We do scavenge hunts through pellets looking for what the owls are eating. It is a citizen science exercise.