Our outreach involves a very interactive and short PowerPoint going over what makes a raptor, why they are important and what problems they face here in Belize. Using them as a top predators we then trickle down the avian food chain. Meet and greet with our avian ambassadors comes next and we recap what we just went over.


Kids from Roaring Creek school who answered questions correctly got to feed Skylar.

Then Skylar does his favorite job, interacts with kids. He is trained to take meal worms, wings out, just like a kid would see a Kite in the wild foraging. I ask questions, kids answer and if they get it right they feed Skylar.

If time permits, we play games, do crafts and even scavenge hunt through owl pellets.



We play owl games ad focus on the importance hearing plays in an owls life.


We do scavenge hunts through pellets looking for what the owls are eating. It is a citizen science exercise.