Over the past few years, Belize Raptor Center has striven to make a huge impact on hundreds of students and teachers with our outreach visits to dozens of classrooms, libraries, and educational fairs across the country. Our work has focused on teaching Belizeans about the importance of raptors to our culture, ecology and tourism industry. BRC seeks to complement to the work done by other organizations like the Belize Zoo, Belize Audubon Society, and Forest Department, and we regularly collaborate as a result of shared goals.
As effective as the classroom visits are, however, BRC is seeking to establish a Visitor Center which would allow us to host school field trips, camps, birding groups, and much more outdoor oriented activities. Additionally, the Visitor Center will be the showcase for exposing students, parents, and teachers to interactive “bird shows;” a wonderful interactive learning session that is unprecedented in Belize.
The raptors at BRC were all rescued, and now live in a sanctuary. Allowing Belizeans to learn about their importance by using the sanctuary as a “living classroom” would have a profound impact on them, and help preserve these important icons of Belize’s natural heritage for future generations.